RIP Alphonso “Fonce” Mizell 1943-2011

I’m breaking radio silence to bring sad news as the title says. Alphonso “Fonce” Mizell have passed away. Fonce together with his brother, Larry, were studio engineers who worked along various great artists like Donald Byrd, Bobbi Humphrey, just to name a few (check out the discography from HERE). They truly have left a huge mark on the history of music with their productions. Their unique sound has been looped, sampled and played many times – and this will continue even the legend him self leaves the stage. I know I’ll continue playing their tracks!

I thought not to lecture about Fonces life more on this post since you can have a look about it on my previous blog post HERE and also worth checking out is the wikipedia article HERE. So let’s get into the music…

I made a spotify playlist with Mizell brothers creations, check it out from HERE (feel free to subscribe!).

Also I’m taking liberty to re-release (unofficially of course) great mixtape that have been made by 4hero’s Marc Mac and Dego for BBC 1xtra. This is truly a special treat for all of our readers since this mixtape was only available for a short period of time on Marc Mac’s podcast page here (check out the ‘soul arranger’ mixtape series from this page!). Also I want to note that when I personally heard this mixtape for the first time, I knew it is time to stop buying those drum’n’bass vinyls and start digging for real music. It had a huge influence on both my listening and dj’ing.

4Hero Marc Mac & Dego presents: The Mizell Brothers special (playlist)


Last but not least, here is just one pic of my Mizell favorites:

Johnny Hammond – Star Borne

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